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The A-Spot - Sexual Improvements
April 14, 2016

The A-Spot

sex will never be the same once you found the a-spot

The a-spot is one of a woman’s many erogenous zones. the female a-spotWe know by now that the whole female body is actually an erogenous zone, if you treat it right and if you pay attention to it. Still, it’s important to learn more about the a-spot, which was discovered not so long ago by a sex scientist, but which is still largely unknown and is a bit of a riddle for many.

If you are looking for what brings more pleasure and fun in bed and if you want better sex, it would be a good idea to look for this secret spot, which is hidden deep into the vagina. This is probably one of the most intense erogenous zones of a woman and it is said that it is there that the woman starts to get moist, or gets aroused.

Where can you find this a-spot, what is its relation with the g-spot and what effect does this small spot have during sex? In this post you will find everything there is to know about this mysterious a-spot.

Where exactly is the a-spot?

the location of the a-spot

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact location of the a-spot in yourself or your partner, because no two bodies are the same.  A rough indication is that the a-spot is about twice as far away from the labia as the g-spot, so about the length of a middle finger into the vagina, in the direction of the belly button. It is located right in front of the cervix and according to scientific research it helps with arousal and moist generation in women.

The a-spot is not easy to find. It has also been very difficult to name the spot.

There are several names for the a-spot, like epicentre, the AFE zone, the second G-spot and the deep spot, which is probably the most significant name because it is situated deep inside the female body. Enough now about the location and the various names, let’s talk about the effects of the a-spot during sex.

The a-spot effect during sex

The a-spot is probably the most effective of all the erogenous zones. the a spot can cause a female squirting orgasmThe a-spot has been attributed the most desirable effects, although the effects are even bigger when you combine several erogenous zones. The a-spot delivers not only lubrication, which is handy, but it also ensures feelings of arousal in the woman. Not only does the sex get better by stimulation of the a-spot, but, more importantly, it can make sex much better for the woman.

This brings us to the female squirt orgasm. This form of female ejaculation is a very intense form of orgasm, mostly caused by stimulating the a-spot which is not very surprising for the spot that regulates the moist production in the vagina.

Having the clue to squirting by knowing where to find the a-spot takes you a long way to having better sex, which often leads to a longer lasting and better relationship. We have put a few markers in a row, which can help you to give the a-spot a better place within the sex game.

It’s not always about finding the erogenous zones

Knowing exactly where to find all erogenous zones in a woman’s body is fun, but it doesn’t always guarantee good sex. It’s all about what you do with these erogenous zones, as well as how you do it. Stimulating the a-spot alone won’t contribute to better sex for example. Stimulating the a-spot can contribute to sex and give you and your partner a top experience and amazing pleasure in bed if you include it in the sex game in a fun way.

Don’t forget that women are very receptive to caresses and touches. Some say the whole skin of a woman is an erogenous zone during sex, and that is indeed true for most women. Work on this during foreplay and stimulate the a-spot during sex, and you’ll notice sex getting much better for both of you.

Spread the attention (or, spread your winning chances)

Focussing on just one erogenous zone in a woman can lead to irritation because of over stimulation. This would be a pity, because it would spoil all the fun in bed; it is also totally unnecessary. It is easy to solve this for the a-spot by dividing your attention between the a-spot and the G-spot. It shouldn’t be too difficult to stimulate the two spots simultaneously or alternately with one or two fingers. It is sometimes said that the perfect lover always knows the combination to the safe, which means that a good lover alternates his actions during sex bring a woman to extreme ecstasy even before she cums. Breasts, clitoris, a-spot and g-spot stimulations can be combined to achieve maximum ecstasy.

Not every woman reacts in the same way

the a-spot and communication

Should you just start reaching for the a-spot, or should you talk about it first?

There are two sides to this point; we’ll look at both.

First of all we’ll look at how to introduce a new subject, and after that we look at the way in which the sex can be experienced.

It can be unwise to tell your partner about what you’re planning to do in bed if you want to cause a squirt orgasm for the first time or if you want to stimulate the a-spot to see what happens. You probably know best how your partner will react to this. Some couples talk a lot about sex before trying something out, while others prefer to be spontaneous… In the last case talking can only cause false hopes or tensions that can’t be realised.

Another thing that needs to be said in an article about the a-spot is that it works differently for different women. And it is not always easy to find.

The spot is quite soft, which makes it difficult to know if you found it, and if you have an introverted partner, it can be even more difficult. For some women the spot doesn’t work in the way we described it. We haven’t been able to ask every woman…some women have other erogenous zones that are more sensitive, or the a-spot can be over sensitive which makes it less desirable to stimulate it.

Good relationship and good communication make for better sex

Better sex doesn’t start with the a-spot, although it can definitely improve your sex experience. Better sex really starts with a good connection between partners and good communication. Erogenous zones are not always easy to find, which makes a good communication in bed desirable. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to communicate in full sentences, you could for example agree on one word or a certain moan to communicate during sex.

Once you know and understand exactly what you both like or what you don’t enjoy, you’ll pave the way to better sex. This is where the a-spot comes into play, next to the g-spot and the clitoris.

Communication and connection will lead to the openness needed for good sex, this will open the way for more stimulation and better orgasms, like the squirt orgasm, amongst other experiments. With freedom and openness in the background, nothing can go wrong in the bedroom!

Erogenous zones of the woman: the a-spot

Now after reading this article, you know everything about the a-spot, one of the most hidden erogenous zones of the female body. You know its location and what you can do with it, and in the mean time we’ve given you a few tips for better sex, keeping the a-spot in mind. Remember that openness and communication will always improve sex.

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