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Simple exercise for a bigger erection - Sexual Improvements
April 14, 2016

Simple exercise for a bigger erection

simple techniques to get a bigger penis

how to get a bigger penisThere are many techniques to get a bigger erection, like penis enlargement or penis enlargement exercises.

But it doesn’t have to be so complicated.

There are also some very simple techniques to add some largeness or thickness to you erection immediately and without intervention.

Technique for a bigger erection

The aim of this technique is to get the largest erection possible for your physical condition. You do this by focussing only on the stimuli, without touching the penis during sexual stimulation while the erection is still growing.

This can mean focussing on your partner or other things that excite you.

It is important not to touch or to hardly touch the penis at that time. When the penis is being stimulated by pressure from outside, we always push a little bit of blood needed for an erection out. For some men it can take a while before that blood finds its way back in. But if we wait until the erection is at its biggest during the growing phase of an erection, the small difference can easily be ignored in a lot of men. The simplest way to maximise penis size is by waiting with sexual stimulation until the large erection has been reached. So, to get a bigger erection, the main thing you need to do, is not touch yourself.

Erection problems

This can be of great help to some men who suffer from erection problems. Interrupting the physical stimulation by touch can give the blood the chance to flow back inside, making a bigger erection So this is in actual fact a form of penis enlargement, which can help a lot of men to offer the maximal pleasure to their partner.

Natural penis enlargement

how to get a bigger erectionNatural erection enlargement


Natural penis enlargement is probably the best option when the penis doesn’t grow enough to pleasure your partner during the erection phase. Natural penis enlargement techniques are based on enlarging the penile chambers, which hold the blood during an erection. These ‘corpora cavernosa’ have walls made of solid tissue. The walls can be enlarged or stretched by certain exercises, resulting in more blood being held during an erection, meaning a bigger erection.

You will find more information on this is the article on natural penis enlargement.

Alternative treatments for penis enlargements

There are unfortunately few options for men who feel unhappy about the appearance of their penis. The natural solution which has often been applied over the last few years seems to be a good one for most men. A few surgical interventions have been developed for the ‘bigger appearance’ of the penis. These carry risks and don’t always have the desired effect.

You can read more about this in the article about penis operations.

There is also a controversial technique, where fluid is injected in the penis. There is no data available about this technique, and it has never been developed for commercial use. There is also a lot of confusion around the penis pump. This does not increase the penis size, but it can have a stimulating effect on the erection. Have a look at the next article about how the penis pump works.

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