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What Does It Mean Physically If You Have Problems Maintaining an Erection? - Sexual Improvements
January 13, 2019

What Does It Mean Physically If You Have Problems Maintaining an Erection?

Having problems maintaining an erection lately? Should you laugh it off? Should you go to the doctor and prepare for terrible news? Or should you man up and pretend like there’s no problem whatsoever? Maybe your penis just needs a good “beating” if you know what I mean!

It may be the very nature of mankind to question “why”…especially when it comes to your junk not working. We live our whole lives and carefully craft our egos and personas to be “alpha”, to be successful and to be attractive to women.

So when a man starts having problems maintaining an erection – especially if he’s aroused and wants to have sex – it becomes a confusing and worrisome problem. Is his body revolting? Is there some kind of subconscious resistance preventing him from taking the woman that he wants?

This kind of problem really hurts a man’s pride, especially since erection strength, staying power, and the ability to become quickly aroused and be “ready at a moment’s notice” have always been closely connected to a man’s self-confidence.

It’s even worse when the woman senses the problem and tries to “help” by reassuring the man’s bruised ego.

“It’s okay, honey. It happens to everybody.”

“You’re just stressed.”

“Don’t worry about it so much!”

And so on. Though your partner might try to help the issue is with you and your body. This is a problem you want to fix right away…but you cringe at the idea of what it might take to get problems maintaining an erection under control. Will you have to visit a doctor? A sex therapist? Maybe the very idea of admitting to your partner your penis has gone soft is a humiliation you’re just not ready to face.

But like your significant other said, “Just try to relax!”  It’s not time to panic. It might not even be time to see a doctor yet. All that matters right now is understanding what the problem is and taking progressive steps to address the problem. That means one step at a time and finding the most conservative treatment that works best

Erection Malfunction – It’s An All Ages Problem

For starters, the macho idea that erectile dysfunction is an “old man problem” or a sign of a “weak man” is seriously outdated. For one thing, the medical field says that ALL men will have problems with erectile dysfunction at some time, even men still in their teens and twenties. For example, one medical source states that one in four men approaching a doctor about ED were under the age of 40.

In short, it happens to the best of us. You might have a bad day, or be a little nervous, or be distracted by the political situation in the Middle East, who knows. Most men deal with the occasional “tap out” and as long as they don’t worry obsessively about it, the problem comes and goes and he’s back in business.

The reason why all men occasionally have problems is because many cases of weak or absent erections are actually mental—not physical. If a man worries too much about staying hard, he’s decreasing his focus on sexual pleasure. He’s redistributing that blood elsewhere instead of where it belongs, in his penis! If a man is second-guessing the relationship, or is feeling depressed or maybe has lost attraction to his partner, this would also cause problems. If he feels stressed out about work then sex may be impossible because he’s too distracted to focus on physical or mental pleasure.

So yes, men of all ages can easily psyche themselves out and experience occasional problems. What is concerning is continuing or consistent problems – so much so that your partner notices or you start to notice. Perhaps you have to tug extra fast to stay hard or you just can’t seem to stay hard even when you’re aroused. Maybe your erections are soft, maybe it takes minutes on end to get hard enough for penetration. This may even be a pattern taking place over weeks or even months.

When the problem is recurring, it usually indicates a physical issue and that’s what concerns your doctor.

Physical Problems Maintaining Erection

Problems with ED could be related to blood vessel injury, side effects of medication, pelvis injuries, hormonal problems, nerve problems or blood flow dysfunction. This is simply because the ability to sustain an erection like “normal” is the result of a healthy body pumping enough blood to reach the penis, fill it and keep it fully engorged long enough to make love. There are multiple reasons why this process may be halted, such as brain or spinal cord problems, and rarely neurological diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or multiple sclerosis.

However, most men suffering from recurring dysfunction are experiencing physical problems leading to the symptoms of ED. Erectile Dysfunction is not the major issue, it’s a sign of more a more significant health problem.

Mark Meyers

Mark is founder and sexcoach at Sexual Improvements. "Anyone can have an awesome sexlife with the right information!"

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