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The Honest Truth about How to Increase Your Load - Yes It Can Be Done...
June 26, 2017

The Honest Truth about How to Increase Your Load – Yes It Can Be Done and without Pills

Do you want to increase your load?

“Buy some pills now and I’ll tell you how to increase your load!”  Sound familiar?  You’ve probably raised an eyebrow at the idea of becoming a more voluminous man and it’s easy to see how Internet marketers prey upon the male ego.

They call it the “money shot” in porn and for some reason, the volume of a man’s ejaculation has always been associated with his virility.

The Movie Money Shot—Some Assembly Required

It wasn’t always a given.  In fact, in early “stag films” most scenes lacked the money shot.  Only the emergence of the 1970s and more lax obscenity laws would give filmmakers the freedom to show sex in living color, without censorship, and with the final “explosion” at the end.  Whereas the first few pornographic films, such as Deep Throat, used ejaculation as a gag, eventually coming became—in the words of porn actor William Margold—“a masturbatory catharsis” for the target male audience.

Decades later, now that viewing porn is a fairly common activity, men are trying to measure up to the “high volume” performances of actors, amateurs and very “gifted” sex athletes who not only give their partner the money shot—they overpower the woman with the sheer magnitude of their seed, leaving her a soggy and huffing mess!

In terms of evolution, it’s easy to assume that “more sperm” would be the best way to ensure impregnation—although in reality, it doesn’t actually work that way.  Dr. Ananya Mandal, M.D., told a medical news site that “volume of ejaculate” has no real effect on sexual pleasure, and that increased semen volume doesn’t affect fertility—especially since sperm only makes up a small percentage of semen.

The reality is that the out of this world money shot has always been an invention of porn—and more often than not, it’s a visual effect, created by editing together multiple takes of one (slightly above average) man.  After all, these guys aren’t hired for their looks!

However, when it comes to the national or even world average, very little volume goes a long way. the average man ejaculates between three milliliters (a weak ejaculation) and five milliliters, with some men occasionally reaching 7.6 milliliters (a full ejaculation with several spurts).

Much like penis size, the volume of ejaculate is a mental turn on, as opposed to a physical one.  Of course, if you’ve watched porn and love the idea of being a big shooter, (or if your girlfriend/wife is turned on by the idea of a pornstar-like explosion) then it’s harmless fun and something worth trying once or twice.

And hey, if you can use trick editing and multiple takes to make yourself look fantastic and out of this world, more power to you!

But there’s no way to guarantee that you’re going to ejaculate loads and loads each and every time. There are no specialty pills that can jet-power your urethra into creating something monstrous and quite literally, hard to swallow.

What you can do however, is take steps to make yourself:

  • Orgasm harder
  • Get healthier
  • Become a better lover
  • And understand the “physics” of what happens down there when you ejaculate

How Ejaculation Works

Orgasm and ejaculation are part of a four-step process in the sexual function of a man.  Libido is when he becomes sexually stimulated in mind, which then affects his body.  Testosterone levels, as well as a man’s intake of vitamins and nutrients can affect libido, particularly as a man ages.

As stimulation continues, as Merck Manual explains, an erection develops as a neurovascular response to the stimuli.  The blood vessels in your penis are alerted, and arteries relax, letting in more blood, while the veins get tighter.  The penis is engorged because of higher pressure trapping blood in the corpora cavernosa.  This causes what we all colloquially know and joke about as a stiffy.

How does ejaculation work?

Ejaculation happens because of intense friction on the penis, which communicates with the nervous system, and causes a mental orgasm along with a spell of accelerated breathing.  When you actually are ready to ejaculate, penile walls contract, creating pleasure “waves” that literally moves the sperm forward, which then combines with other prostate secretions to become semen.  Urethra muscles then contract and rapidly shoot the semen out of the penis opening.  Meanwhile, bladder muscles tighten preventing semen from being absorbed back in.

And that is why all men live, breathe and procreate—for that wonderful mix of tension release, orgasm, oxytocin rush and sexual intimacy with someone you find gorgeous.  It makes men do crazy things sometimes, sure…but it’s a natural part of a man’s lifestyle, and a strong desire to ejaculate as often as possible is just the sign of a healthy man and his normal libido.

How to Increase Your Load if You’re Shooting “Blanks”

Shooting blanks, or just barely ejaculating with a weak orgasm, is usually a sign of ejaculatory dysfunction, which means there is absence of semen volume.  This is typically linked to medical issues, like diabetes or recovering from surgery.

Usually however, lifestyle changes and choices are what produce a man’s ejaculate, which is directly influenced by his health and sexual appetite.  One health source states that age and genetics are uncontrollable factors that will determine some limitation for how much volume a man can produce and how far he “propels” it.

Age is particularly plays a part, since testosterone levels usually decline past the age of 40-50, and more so if his health is not optimal.  The twenties and thirties are considered the best time to have fertile, powerful sperm and to produce high volumes of it on a regular basis.

If you want to cum more often, making these lifestyle changes can put you back at peak health:

1. Stay hydrated.

According to one fertility health source, dehydration is one of the most common reasons why men experience reduced semen production and lower sperm count.  One alarming CBS statistic suggests that up to 75 percent of the entire population is not drinking enough water.  Just imagine how poor hydration is contributing to sexual problems in general, apart from semen volume.

2.  Diet and exercise like a porn star!

Three more areas that are usually lacking in a man’s life—poor eating habits, poor fitness routine and a lack of good sleep, are directly related to a man’s ability to experience arousal, perform sexually and then ejaculate with force.  One NBC report suggests that better sex and orgasms starts with a cleaner lifestyle.

Since the heart controls blood flow, it’s no surprise that better heart health results in better sex—and not coincidentally problems with the heart are predicted by erectile dysfunction.

What we eat also affects the semen production and sperm quality.  Doctors recommend keeping a diet that’s high in vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and antioxidants—most derived from vegetables and fruit.  Vitamin C supplementation was linked directly to better semen quality in a recent study, although citrus fruit drinks (with no added sugar) would be a natural and alternative source.

At the same time, avoiding bad quality food would also help to maximize sexual potential—namely in the ways of processed meats, soda pop, desserts and most processed foods in general.  Smoking has also been studied to have a detrimental effect on sperm, making it less fertile.

Exercise has not only been linked to better health and better sexual stamina, but even better sperm quality and motility, according to a Huffington Post report.  Not just the usual exercise routines but in 30-45 minutes sessions of high-intensity interval training.

3. Don’t bother with pills…eat foods that will contribute to prostate health.

Most pills that promise massive ejaculations are scam products.  That doesn’t mean, however, that all supplementation is a placebo.  For instance, the International Journal of Cardiovascular Interventions mentioned arginine as a substance that increases blood flow and can actually prolong arousal—which in fact could help in producing more semen and stronger ejaculation.

Amino acids, zinc, and pumpkin seeds also help improve prostate health.  Horny Goat Weed might be the closest thing to a real “aphrodisiac” health supplement, since its primary effect is to increase testosterone, which in theory helps increase semen production.

Sexual Techniques to Help You Produce More Sperm

When learning how to increase your load, besides physical function, the right mental focus is also important.  Orgasm and larger than average ejaculate depends on a man’s overall arousal level.  A fast masturbation session usually produces a weak orgasm.  A slower lovemaking session with a woman he’s attracted to, makes for longer foreplay and more intense arousal over a period of time.

1. Abstain from all sexual activity.

Over-masturbating can sometimes lead to weaker orgasms.  In comparison, abstaining from sexual activities for a few days will cause you to have stronger and more intense orgasms, leading to better sperm production.  One promising study out of Zhejiang University showed that abstaining from ejaculation for six days after orgasm would actually increase testosterone levels in a man.

2. Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

The PC or Pubococcygeus muscle can be “flexed” and toned to give you greater control over your ejaculation “trigger”.  Beyond that, these exercises (which involve squeezing and stopping the flow of urine) can help in building stronger erections and increasing the potency of ejaculation and the intensity of orgasms.  Particularly it has been studied in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and assisting in blood flow.

3. Learn how to “edge”.

Speaking of improving orgasm quality, any way you learn to lengthen your orgasm will likely give you more ejaculate and more “pep” in the climax.  Men’s Health quoted one study showing that delaying orgasm over a longer period of “starting and stopping” can lead to a more intense (and messy!) climax.  Just be sure not to partially ejaculate and then stop, or else you will lose the “building” pressure.  Try to stay at the 90 percent point of arousal without going too far past the 95-100 percent, which is a point of no return and involuntary climax.

4. Stimulate the male G-spot.

Not all men are comfortable fooling around with the “very deep, almost too deep” Male G-spot, located in the rectum.  Stroking or vibrating this spot directly activates prostate gland stimulation, which leads to a different kind of orgasm.  Some men will orgasm without ejaculation, while others will ejaculate but experience a far more intense orgasm and produce more than the usual fluid.  When you experiment like this, be sure to use plenty of lubricant and take it slow.  Roughhousing in the bum, as you might suspect from all those anally assaulted girls in porn, is not a pleasant experience!

5. Wear looser underwear.

How loose underwear can help you increase your load

Wearing tight underwear, or indeed, doing anything that increases the temperature of the scrotum and testicles (including using hot tubs and saunas) can lower sperm count.  The best temperature for your little boys’ fertility is lower than your own steamy 98.6.  Even crossing your legs increases the temperature—boxers are the best bet.

Finally, understand that learning how to increase your load is best tried as a two-person activity.  One man can take certain steps to increase his volume alone but when his partner works with him, she can try her own ideas and communicate more effectively as regards timing, bodily response, and “edging” for greater intensity.

Remember that many women find a man’s ejaculation a great turn on and so letting her be part of the experience—the expectation, the discovery and the climax—is something she may want just as much as you do.  A loving and devoted partner can also help you de-stress and learn to relax, letting go of any stress or tight tension in your body.  Anxiety is a sex killer and won’t do your semen any favors.  Let it go, the worry and fretting, if you want to “let it go” like a porn star.

Doing things together as a couple and learning each other’s unique sexual response is the most effective way to improve your sex life and bring you those out of the world orgasms you only thought were possible in porn.

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