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The Female G-Spot - Sexual Improvements
March 21, 2016

The Female G-Spot

the female g-spot

As a couple, you have nothing to lose by exploring your body and searching for the female G-spot. The discovery of the female G-spot is a fulfilling journey characterized by great rewards for you and your partner. It is generally a lot of fun. The best sex is what works out for you as a couple; it may be through G-spot stimulation.

The Grafenberg spot (G-spot) was first identified as an elusive erogenous zone way back in the 1940’s by a German researcher, Ernst Grafenberg. The G-spot topic has been debated ever since especially among sex scientists on whether it is an anatomical part of the female body. Extensive research has been carried out ever since and the female G-spot is now recognized as a functioning female organ. In the wider academic circles, the G-spot is referred to as the female prostate.

Identify the G-spot

Not every woman has been able to identify their G-spot. It is believed that it is a specific area within the vagina that when stimulated will help a woman reach orgasm. Women are advised to try finding the G-spot to enhance their sex life and experience.

Women experience sexual pleasure differently when compared to men. It is often hard to deconstruct how women experience sexual pleasure even for women themselves. Their genitalia are located within their bodies and there is no physical proof of sexual climax like in men. In men, sexual orgasm is ultimately linked to ejaculation.

Men need to master the G-spot and to have a handle on the sexual experience that they give to their women. The stimulation of the G-spot produces very powerful orgasms in women and it will sometimes lead to female ejaculation.

It is therefore critical that men should first and foremost find the G-spot and thereafter learn how to stimulate it to give pleasure their women. Discovering and mastering the female G-spot is referred to as the holy grail of female pleasuring.

The G-spot is located about one or two inches from the vaginal opening, the vulva. Its location is on front vaginal wall which is the wall on the same side as the belly button. The G-spot is described as the bean shaped spongy tissue of the paraurethral gland which is likened to the male prostate.

You can identify the G-spot by using your fingers as the area that feels rough to the touch compared to the surrounding vaginal tissue. The G-spot can only be effectively identified when your woman is sexually aroused since it is composed of erectile tissue which gets filled up with blood during arousal.

How to Locate The G-spot?

It takes the use of your fingers to find the G-spot. where to find the female g-spotThe G-spot is found in a tucked away location hence the fingers are the most effective in finding and stimulating it. Ensure that your fingernails are clipped and buffed to avoid causing discomfort and injury to your partner.

Foreplay is most important and is where to begin. It will help to kiss and caress other non-genital areas for a few minutes before getting down to business. It is easier to locate the G-spot if the woman is aroused.

  • Start off by facing your partner while she is lying on her back and then insert either the index or the middle finger into her vagina. Ask your partner to raise her knees towards her chest to make it easy to access the inside of her vagina.
  • Slowly push the finger into the vagina as far as it can smoothly and easily go and then bend the finger in the ‘come here’ motion. Thrusting the finger into the vagina may cause some discomfort.
  • Make sure that the finger is touching the vaginal walls as you slide it along the top of the vagina (This is the side towards the belly button). It is lined to trying to massage the belly button from the inside.
  • Find the area that is rougher/ribbed than the rest of the vaginal wall. Your woman will give a reaction when you touch the magical bull’s eye. The G-spot is about 2 inches inside of the vagina on the top side of the vaginal wall

The G-spot is usually an area the size of a penny and is served by a different nerve as compared to the clitoris. The area around the G-spot is served by the pelvic nerve which is different from the pudendal nerve that serves the clitoris. The G-spot therefore has a different sensation when arriving at orgasm when compared to the clitoris. The orgasmic sensation derived from the G-spot is described as one of deep and melting love and your woman will absolutely love it!

Advice is given that if your woman does not give a reaction, you should ask her if she can feel some sensitivity. For some women, you may be required to apply some pressure from the outside, on the mons pubis to intensify the feeling/sensitivity. The mons pubis is the hairy area right below the waist line and right on top of your pelvis.

Not all women have a G-spot or sensitive and hence failure to get a reaction should not be a source of big worry. The experiences derived from the G-spot differ from woman to woman with some capable of repetitive or multiple orgasms whereas others feel some discomfort following the stimulation of their G-spot.

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Sex Styles that Stimulate the G-spot

Men can prefer the sex positions that can stimulate her G-spot and help their women reach sexual orgasm. Men, therefore, have to find positions that maximize penile contact with the front wall of the vagina.

  • Rear entry position also referred to as doggy style is easy to reach and stimulate the G-spot. She will have to be on all fours and arch her back slightly so that the penis can easily rub against the front wall of the vagina.
  • Raised missionary style where the woman clasps are ankles around the neck of her man. The style allows the man to easily reach and stimulate her G-spot.
  • Woman on top position helps her to increase the stimulation on her G-spot.
  • Standing Doggie Style
  • This position puts his penis right in line with your G-spot. Stand in front of a wall or mirror with your back to your guy. Have him enter you from behind and slowly thrust in and out. You can experiment with the angle to find out the best way to hit your G.

Research evidence indicates that the intensity of a woman’s G-spot orgasm is mediated by estrogen, the female estrogen. Most young women under 30 find clitoral orgasms to be more powerful when compared G-spot stimulation. The high estrogen levels make the vaginal lining to become too thick to allow direct stimulation of their G-spot.

As the estrogen level begins to decline in women during their 30s, the vaginal lining becomes thinner and the G-spot becomes more accessible. This makes the majority of the women feel that they begin to peak sexually in their early to mid-30s. It is also thought to be the reason that many women will also say that married sex is better.

Female Ejaculation

the g-spot and female ejaculationIn my interactions with women, I have repeatedly asked in the different forums the question – how many stop mid-way through love making to visit the bathroom. By a show of hands, approximately 30 percent of the women raise their hands as a positive answer to the question. The second question I ask is how many women wait until the love making session is over to visit the bathroom. Another 30 percent raise their hands to show they had to wait to go to the bathroom. From these improvised surveys, I have collected vast amounts of anecdotal evidence on both the phenomenon of female ejaculation and the female G-spot.

The evidence thus indicates that the majority of women holds back and clenches their pelvic floor muscles thinking that it is pee. For many, nothing takes the sexy out of sex like being accused of peeing in bed or on someone. However, the ejaculate is not urine even though it is expelled from the urethra.

Female ejaculation is a confusing topic with some men thinking that women ejaculate every time they reach orgasm. The phenomenon of female ejaculation is one that is shrouded in discomfiture and awkwardness. It is perhaps due to the fact that the majority of women have not experience female ejaculation during orgasm or sexual climax.

Regular ejaculation is never the reality. Some women will only ejaculate once over their lifetime, other will ejaculate regularly, and another group has never ejaculated. The collation of experiences of sexologists and gynecologists indicates that it is only a minority of women that ejaculates on a regular basis.

Recent research has indicated that only a third of women report having experienced female ejaculation at sexual climax at one point or the other in the past.

What is Female Ejaculation?

It is a phenomenon characterized by the ejection of fluid out of the vagina during orgasm. It has also been referred to using other terms such as squirting, she-jaculation, and gushing.

There were early mentions of ejaculation even Aristotle made mention of it. Furthermore, in the Tantric religion, female ejaculate is referred to as amrita, which translates to “the nectar of the Gods.” Early literature also mentions female ejaculation; Galen of Pergamon once wrote that female ejaculate manifestly flows from women as they experience the greatest pleasure in coitus.

There have been hot debates surrounding the amount of ejaculate women produce. There are claims that highly-sexed women can produce liters of fluid when they ejaculate in a single orgasm. It is outrageous to believe this claim. The big question would be where such an amount of fluid could be stored in the female body. According to Beverley Whipple, American sex guru and co-author of The G Spot: And Other Discoveries About Human Sexuality book, the amount of fluid secreted during female ejaculation is usually around half a coffee cupful.

Female ejaculation for many women is an embarrassing moment the first time they experience it. It is normal to feel anxious and embarrassed when they discover that they drench the sheets when they reach sexual climax. The immediate thought is that the fluid that they eject is urine.

Such an experience may traumatize some women making them avoid sexual relations especially if they were in bed with a man who reacted negatively when they climaxed.

Female ejaculation has been thought to be urine right until the 1980s. Many doctors assumed that the fluid produced was urine and would recommend treatment to stop the leakage of urine. It was later discovered urine does not leak at orgasm. Research has suggested that the fluid is the secretion of the Skene’s gland also called the paraurethral glands.

The Skene’s glands are tiny glands which lie along the urethra which produce a fluid akin to that produced by the prostate gland in men. The fluid contains prostatic acid phosphatase, glucose and prostate specific antigen.

Men and women ejaculates are similar in chemical makeup, though of course women ejaculate does not contain semen. Female ejaculate is predominately prostatic fluid mixed with glucose and trace amounts of urine.”

The Connection between the G-Spot and Female Ejaculation

There is plenty of unscientific information that suggests that female stimulation of the g-spotejaculation is closely associated with the stimulation of the G-spot. The G-spot is intimately connected with the urethra and its stimulation has been linked to the gush of ejaculate from the urethra. Pressure on the G-spot and by extension to the Skene’s glands customarily produces a feeling likened to the desire to pee.

Female ejaculation has been difficult to deconstruct as it has been for female orgasm. Orgasm in women does not have physical proof like it happens in men. Ejaculation in men is normally linked to orgasm and it gives them a unique sexual experience. However, women are anatomically able to ejaculate.

For the women who have experienced the G-spot orgasm, it is real and quite pleasurable. For those who are yet to experience this type of orgasm, they can work to locate the G-spot. They should also realize that the G-spot orgasm is often times manifested by ejaculation.

Women can therefore learn to ejaculate through the following steps:

·         Know how to locate the G-spot

·         Figure out how to proliferate its sensitivity

·         Learn to be aware of ejaculate fluid building up in the body

·         Lastly, gaining the confidence to release the fluid

As a man, part of your mission is to help your woman feel normal about female ejaculation. Help her to appreciate that it is a normal occurrence or reaction to the stimulation of the G-spot. Your woman will be in a position to explore her sexuality and view ejaculation as a sexual reaction. As a result the misconception the ejaculate is urine is eliminated-she is not incontinent.

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