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The erogenous zones of a woman - Sexual Improvements
April 18, 2016

The erogenous zones of a woman

erogenous zones of a woman

Erogenous zones are those parts of the female body that cause arousal when touched. These spots contain a lot of nerve endings, making them sensitive to touch. They are of crucial importance during foreplay, where not one of these little spots should be omitted. There are a few obvious spots that, if touched in the right way, will arouse every woman. There are also less obvious erogenous zones, and personal erogenous zones that can cause arousal in some women, while others don’t react to it at all.

the erogenous zones of women 1

The Vagina

The vagina is the female genital area that consists of the labia, the clitoris and the vagina opening. All these parts are very erogenous zones. Touching these spots ( in the right way) will never fail to arouse a woman.

The breasts

A woman’s breasts, especially the nipples, are also very clear erogenous zones. Caressing, stroking and softly squeezing the breasts and the nipples can be very exciting for a woman. Kissing the breasts and sucking the nipples is also very good.  Stop yourself from staring at the nipples. I know, they are perfectly centred, like a kind of bull’s eye, many men just go straight for the bull’s eye, leaving a lot of possibilities behind, which is a pity. The whole breast is an erogenous zone. The sides of the breasts are often forgotten about, to the chagrin of many women.

Inner side of the thighs

The inside of the thighs is also a very sensitive area. Caress or lick the inside of her thighs without touching the vagina and she’ll beg for more!

erogenous zones earn a bonus by moving between the zones

Pubic mount

The pubic mount is a triangular area at the bottom of the woman’s belly, where the pubic hair grows. Massaging this area will turn her ecstatic. The pubic mount and the whole abdomen of the women is an erogenous zone.

The abdomen

Just as we mentioned in point 4, the whole abdomen of a woman is an erogenous zone. Softly stroking her belly will slowly get her in the mood. And how about kissing! Kiss her softly on the belly and she will slowly melt. And don’t forget the area around the navel.

The buttocks

There are plenty of nerve endings in the buttocks; they are very sensitive to touch. Now you may understand why an unsolicited smack on the buttocks is seen as a form of sexual intimidation.

The anus

The anus and surrounding area is also very sensitive.  This erogenous zone is also the most ‘dangerous’ one. Many women feel uneasy when you go to that area. You also have to want it yourself. There is a high mental barrier to stimulate this area or to let someone stimulate it. It’s better to discuss this before going there. This is probably an area for the more advanced lovers amongst us.

However, the area around and inside the anus does contain a lot of nerve endings that can help with arousal, so we can’t omit this in our list.

The back

the neck is one of the best erogenous zones of a woman

Many women love being fondled on the back. A good back massage should always be part of a good foreplay. The lower back is an area that deserves your full attention.

The neck

Often forgotten, but a great erogenous area, maybe one of the most important ones. Kissing it softly, stroking or massaging the neck will certainly cause arousal. Do it the right way and most women will melt. Never skip the neck during foreplay.

the erogenous zones of women 2

The throat

The skin on the throat is very thin and therefore very sensitive.  Women who don’t appreciate a kiss on the throat are few. The erogenous zone runs from the chin to the clavicle. Do not forget the clavicle, kissing on the clavicle never disappoints.

The palm and fingers

The hand palm and fingers also contain many nerve endings, making these spots very sensitive to touch as well. Caress or kiss these areas or put one of her fingers in your mouth and suck it. She’ll love it!

The lips

The lips are another erogenous zone. They contain many nerve endings and they are very sensitive. There isn’t one woman who doesn’t like kissing. A tongue kiss can be very erotic, certainly for a woman, which is why we also call the tongue an erogenous zone.

The hair

This may sound strange, because hair is made of a ‘dead’ substance, keratin. Hair does not contain any nerve endings. Still, many women love it when you stroke their hair. Spoil her by going through her hair with your fingers with circular movements. There are a lot of nerve endings around the hair root. We all know how painful it is to pull out just one hair. The head skin is also very sensitive. A head massage is very relaxing, make it part of the foreplay as well. Always start at the back of the head and work your fingers to the front making circular movements.

Back of the knee

The back of the knee is another sensitive area. Kiss her there and you’ll see the effect it has. The back of the knee is often forgotten but should be part of the foreplay every time.

The face

erogenous zones the face of a woman

Don’t forget her face, on of the most important erogenous zones

Women love being caressed or kissed on the cheeks. It is a very intimate act which makes it very special for women. The tip of the nose can also be special for many women.

The feet

The feet are also very sensitive. A good foot massage can be a nice part of foreplay. If your partner has a job which makes her walk or stand up a lot, a foot massage will be very welcome after a long day. Don’t forget the toes or the ankle. Some women love having their toes sucked, but be careful, because other women hate it. Make sure to find out.

The ears

I saved the most important one till the end. The ears are definitely also an erogenous zone. Kiss them, lick them or bite them softly and you’ll bring a woman to ecstasy. Putting your tongue in her ear is taking it a bit too far for most women. Keep that in mind.

Why do I find ears so important? Because they do double work.  While you kiss, lick, or bite softly on her ear lobe, she will hear you excited breathing; this will arouse her even more. You can also whisper sweet words in her ear, every woman loves that, or even very naughty words! You can never go wrong with her ears!

The 17 erogenous zones of a woman

These were the erogenous zones of a woman. 17 erogenous zonesIt’s a long list, as you can see. Did I name all of them? Not by far! There are nerve endings everywhere on a human body. Every touch, no matter where can cause sexual arousal. It is important to understand that sexual arousal doesn’t just happen when you stimulate these 16 erogenous zones. A woman is not a machine that reacts in a certain way when you press a certain button. Sexual arousal happens after a combination of many different factors.  The right person, the right place, the right atmosphere, the right smell, the right words and the right moment.

If any of these factors is missing, you may kiss and caress all you want, you won’t get results.

Even stronger, the results will be the opposite!

Good foreplay depends on the right build up, creating the right atmosphere and, for most men, taking your time. Don’t limit yourself to the 16 erogenous zones named above. Take time to explore and love her whole body. You will let her know that you love her body from head to toe, each spot, without exceptions, that you love everything about her body. That idea is probably what would excite a woman the most.

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