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Erection pills, all you need to know - Sexual Improvements
February 17, 2016

Erection pills, all you need to know

Erection pills may seem common in the world of today, but what are erection pills, how do they work and what are the risks?

Why use erection pills?

Men have been programmed through evolution to ‘want’ sex. The same is true for women, but there is a difference in how this sex-urge works for men. In men the blood level of testosterone rises with the time between sexual discharges, this makes us ‘feel’ that we need to get rid of something. If a man suffers from a sexual problem which stops him from sexually discharging it can affect his mental and sometimes also his physical wellbeing.

Erection pills are a temporary solution for men with erectile dysfunction

An erectile dysfunction is a good example of a sexual problem with such consequences. A man who can’t get an erection for an extended period may experience consequential problems in different ways.

Erectile dysfunction has an effect on a man’s wellbeing.

First of all there is the embarrassment when having sex with a partner. It’s not nice when the reason for failure to have sex lies with yourself and when you rely on your partner’s forgiveness. Women are often very forgiving, but this forgiveness has its limits too.

Persisting erectile dysfunction may cause a man to associate sex with negative feelings. He will start avoiding sexual intimacy, which can cause serious damage to a relationship. Some men really value the prime position they occupy within their relationship. If they can’t satisfy their loved one because of a sexual dysfunction it makes them feel very vulnerable.

The accumulation of this kind of mental pressure or leaving the erectile dysfunction untreated can cause other sexual problems to arise. Premature ejaculation is such a common problem associated with erectile dysfunction.

This happens when a man has an orgasm much faster than he (and his partner) wishes as a consequence of building up too much physical and mental stress.

What do these pills do?

The reasons why a man would take erection pills should now be a little clearer. But what exactly do erection dysfunction pills do? There are several different erection treatments on the market. We’ll discuss the different brands and their differences later on in this article. What you should know is that they have similar effects. To understand how an erection pill influences the erection process, we need to understand how an erection works first.

are erection pills the answer

How does an erection work?

The anatomy of the penis with the corpora cavernosa at the top of the shaft

A healthy erection happens when a man is sexually stimulated.  erection pills how does an erection workStimulation happens through the senses: touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste. When the male brain receives the right sexual stimuli, a hormone is released into the blood stream. A few things happen in the penis at this stage.

Arousal in a man increases the heartbeat to make the blood stream faster. Inside the penis you find some chambers filled with spongy tissue, the corpora cavernosa. These chambers can relax and tense. When they are tense, they are small, when relaxed they are large and have more space for blood.

These chambers will fill up, making them expand in all directions, making the penis bigger and harder during an erection.

When expanded, the corpora cavernosa put some pressure on the veins responsible for draining blood out of the penis. Drainage will become slow, making even more blood stream into the corpora cavernosa. So this is all about the filling and expansion of the spongy tissue in the corpora cavernosa (erectile tissue). But when we raise our heart beat because of physical effort like running we don’t automatically get an erection, this is because the corpora cavernosa stay tense and don’t have space to fill up with extra blood.

The relaxing and tensing of the corpora cavernosa is regulated by the enzyme PDH5. The presence of this enzyme ensures the tension in the corpora cavernosa stays, so no erection can occur.

The hormone I mentioned before, which is released to make an erection occur neutralises the PDH5 enzyme, making the corpora cavernosa relax so the erectile tissue can fill up with blood. This is the process of a normal, natural erection in men.

Back to the question: What do erection pills do?

When a man suffers from erectile dysfunction (also called impotence), one or more parts of the erection process don’t function very well. Very often the level of hormone responsible for neutralising the PDH5 enzyme is insufficient.

This could mean that a man can’t have erections at all, but often erections do happen but not as easy and for a shorter time. Erection pills help the erection process. Most erection pills contain a so-called PDH5 inhibitor. For example Viagra contains Sildenafil. PDH5 inhibitors suppress the action of the PDH5 enzyme just like the original ‘erection hormone’, so the corpora cavernosa can relax and the erectile tissue can absorb more blood.

This erection is still a natural one, but the underlying causes of the erectile dysfunction are not treated by the erection pills. They only offer a temporary alternative. Erection pills release the PDH5 inhibitor in the blood stream, they become active after 30 minutes to an hour (depending on the type of erection pill).

Which are the different pills and what are their differences?

erection pills pfizer

erection pills pfizerThere are many so-called generic brands of erection pills available. Erection pills were developed in the nineties. One of the first remedies to have a stimulating effect on erections was Sildenafil. Sildenafil is a PDH5 inhibitor as described above. It was originally developed as a remedy for angina pectoris, but its stimulating effect on erections was discovered during the trial phase. Pfizer patented the product in 1996 and developed the first erection pills we all know now as the famous blue Viagra tablets.

Note: Viagra is a brand name and not an active substance. Sildenafil is the active substance in Viagra that has a stimulating effect on an erection.

The patent expired in 2013, paving the way for generic erection pills with the same active ingredient. Here are some examples: Kamagra, Sandoz, Viagra Generica, Sidenafil. There are over 200 registered generic brands available.

Other pills to get an erection

Viagra is the best known erection pill, but it is not the only one. Other known brands are Cialis and Levitra. They are comparable to each other. In Cialis the active substance is Tadalafil, in Levitra it is Vardenafil. They are comparable to Sildenafil, but the dosage, duration and intensity differs. Someone who is sensitive to certain components can opt for a different erection pill if necessary.

Erection pills have side effects. These go from a dry mouth to a rash and dyspnoea. Some men only suffer side effects with a certain pill; they can change to a different tablet, because the end result is the same in all the erection tablets.

Is it safe to use erection pills?

In the Netherlands you can only get erection pills like Viagra, Levitra and Cialis on prescription. There is a good reason for this. Although erection pills containing PDH5 inhibitors stimulate a natural erection process in a man, they do have risky side effects.

For most men there are no problems in the short term, but some side effects occur after long term use , they can be very bad and in some cases they can be life threatening when combined with other medical conditions.


One of the many bad side effects of erection pills is dyspnoea and chest tightness. This is because the hormones in the erection pills have an effect on the pulmonary artery. This was why the medicine was developed in the first place. It is a risky side effect which can be dangerous for people suffering from asthma or cardiovascular disease.

erection pills can cause heart problems

Pressure in the pulmonary artery by erection pills

Cardiovascular diseaseerection pills can cause heart problemserection pills can cause heart problems

Men with cardiovascular disease also run a risk.

Erection pills work as vasodilators, when the blood vessels dilate our heart needs to pump faster to keep our blood pressure high enough. People suffering from heart problems run the risk to overload the heart muscle, which can cause death in the most extreme cases.


Priapism is another nasty side effect of erection pills. It is a lasting, often very painful erection. Priapism starts without sexual arousal and lasts for more than 4 hours.

A long lasting erection like priapism can cause permanent damage to the penis, because the blood veins in the penis are compressed causing a bad blood supply to the penis.  This will then cause a lack of oxygen in the corpora cavernosa, damaging the erectile tissue.

Safety of erection stimulating pills: Conclusion

The side effects mentioned above paint a rather dreadful picture of erection remedies like Sildenafil. The reality is that to limit these risks this medicine is only available on prescription in the Netherlands.

A doctor will check if a man is at higher risk of suffering any of these side effects because of his medical condition. If you have an erection problem and you clearly suffer from it, an erection pill can certainly help you.

One of the disadvantages is always that the underlying cause of a man’s impotence is never solved. Erection remedies should be seen as a temporary solution while the core problem is being solved.

These products are not really safe, but the risks can be limited to the minimum by good control, the right dosage and good information.

Are there any other solutions than such pills?alternatives for erection pills

Too few men examine the possibility of using safer healthier solutions for erectile dysfunction because taking an erection pill is the fastest and easiest way for getting erections back. The erectile dysfunction problem has a cause, just like any other problem does. This cause can be different for every man who suffers from ED, but in most cases it’s one of the three following cases:

  1. Impotence caused by arteriosclerosis

The most common cause of erectile dysfunction is arteriosclerosis. The blood vessels can’t dilate anymore to get an erection due to high cholesterol for example.

  1. Impotence caused by mental problems such as stress

Stress and other mental problems can take away sexual desire, making a man struggle with impotence.

Mental and psychological problems can also lead to erectile dysfunction in men who still have sexual desires. In these cases a hormonal imbalance caused by a mental problem is the cause. Stress and phobias are examples of problems that often cause erectile dysfunction.

  1. Impotence because of an abnormality

Some rare abnormalities can cause a physical impossibility to get an erect penis. Peyronie’s disease is an example of a condition where a man can get an erection, but this involves so much pain and trouble that sex becomes impossible.

Are there any other remedies apart from erection pills to regain an erection? The answer is definitely yes!

There are solutions for each of the above named causes, but the man first has to discover what is causing his erection problem. The method “the erection solution” is a guide I developed for this specific aim. With this guide men can first discover what causes their impotence. After that we look at the possible solution for each cause.

With “The Erection Solution” most men can recover their erection following some very simple steps.

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