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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment for Men Who Don’t Want to See a Doctor

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment for Men Who Don’t Want to See a Doctor

If you’ve noticed that you are experiencing frequent problems with erectile dysfunction, but aren’t thrilled at the prospect of seeing a therapist, then take heed—you can seek erectile dysfunction treatment on your own first, and try to resolve the issue without seeing a doctor.  Now it is possible you will have to see a doctor eventually—if there’s reason to believe you may have prostate problems, heart problems, kidney problems or other physical ailments.  These can be life-threatening and you don’t want to take a chance.

But until you determine that it must be a physical issue you can take matters in your own hands and try a few E.D. treatment ideas by yourself, and eventually with a partner.  Let’s discuss some strategies according to the six most common psychological / health problems.

1.     Health-Related Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

It should be very concerning to the average man if E.D. is a recurring problem—and if he’s also overweight or eating poorly.  According to research cited at the Mayo Clinic, E.D. may be a predictor of heart disease.  There are two theories as to why there is a correlation.  One is that plaque builds up in your arteries, which makes blood flow more difficult.  Another is that dysfunction of the inner lining of the blood vessels and smooth muscle affects blood supply going to the heart, as well as the penis.

Before you experience painful signs in your chest, or in other areas, the first problem you may notice is an inability to keep a strong erection.  You can test this immediately by actively seeking to improve your health through a change in diet and by adding more aerobic exercises.

When you see a doctor and he sees you’re out of shape (or performs test indicating such) his advice will usually be to increase your physical activity, lose weight and stop abusing alcohol or tobacco.  Never assume that because you’re an averagely lean guy and don’t have a pot belly that you’re in “good shape.”  Plenty of skinny people or “skinny fat” people (moderate weight but with a belly or with generally poor health) may be just as high risk for heart disease as the obese, according to research coming from USANA.

If you add more vegetables and fruits to your diet and make it a goal to exercise a few times a week (for at least 30 minutes with a moderate to active aerobic workout) then you should experience an improvement within a few weeks—perhaps even days if you’re deficient in nutrients.

2.   Breathing Problems, Stress and Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

The most effective way to temporarily get the blood flowing (and thus get more blood to your penis) is to relax, breathe deeply and get more oxygen delivered from your lungs to your red blood cells and other organs.  Web MD suggests you start by learning your own breathing patterns—especially when trying to become erect and then focus on changing the way you breathe.

Remember that stress and really any negative emotion (or thought) can disrupt your natural breathing pattern.  People who are stressed or worried about E.D. tend to breathe shallow breaths and may even hold their breath.  This is why a sex therapist might recommend:

  • Taking a comfortable position
  • Concentrating on happy feelings and thoughts
  • Inhaling deeply and slowly, counting to five, and then exhaling in the same way for the same amount of time
  • As you breathe deeply, fill your abdomen with air and then let it out “like a balloon” – this is called diaphragm breathing and it may help stimulate proper blood flow naturally

3.    Managing Anxiety and Sexual Woes with E. D. Treatment

Erectile dysfunction treatment by managing anxiety

Performance anxiety, general anxiety, and discomfort with your own body can chase your otherwise “happy” erection away.  When we fill our minds with negativity, it definitely affects a man’s ability to get hard.  Sure, maybe it wasn’t that way when you were young…when you’re a teenager and feeling blue, sex and masturbation comes much easier.  But welcome to adulthood.  As you go into your 30s, 40s and 50s you quickly discover that mood means everything.

Practice breathing exercises like:

  • Visualizing yourself breathing slowly and the tension leaving your body. Focus on your muscles relaxing one by one.  If this concept is foreign to you, listen to a “hypnosis” treatment MP3 or YouTube video.  This will give you an idea of what visualized breathing feels like.  You may like guided instruction or you may prefer relaxing on your own.  What matters is that you because you’re relaxing and breathing deeply, you’re getting more oxygen and letting go of tension and anxiety in your body.
  • Relaxing to calming music. Relaxation music is specially written and designed to make you feel at peace.  So avoid Metallica…even if they do rock.
  • Fantasize about a peaceful setting, or a place from your childhood that always made you feel safe. Think of peaceful images and imagine details that make you feel good.  While doing this, speak “affirmations”, which are positive thoughts that help heal psychological wounds we carry with us.  Sometimes saying something as simple as “It’s not my fault…I am only responsible for the way I feel” or “I feel healthy, strong and determined” can change our moods and remove E.D. –causing negativity.

4.     Building Strength in Your Erections as E.D. Treatment

Usually when a man thinks about Kegel exercises, he thinks about managing premature ejaculation.  But according to Healthline, who quoted a study from University of the West, Kegel exercises helped 40 percent of men battling erectile dysfunction regain erection power.  When men flex their PC muscles they strengthen the “bulbocavernosus muscle” and this directly influences blood follow and the ability of the penis to become engorged.

To try Kegel exercises, start slow.  Feel the flex by doing just one rep—it’s the same sensation as stopping your stream of urine.  Find the pelvic floor muscles and flex a few times in a row.  Clench them for a series of five and then take a break for a few moments.  Try it again, slowly at first, so you don’t strain yourself.  Repeat the steps until you can do “reps” of 20 a few times a day.

This should be combined with other techniques, such as finding a more comfortable position and deep breathing.  The combination of all these factors may help to produce stronger erections.  A “short” Kegel squeeze is what you feel when stopping the flow of urine.  A “long” Kegel squeeze goes longer because you can also squeeze from the PC muscle all the way back to the anus and tail bone.  Just like flexing the PC muscle feels like stopping pee, flexing the anus muscles feels like holding back your bowels.  Not very sexy stuff in description, but trust us…stronger PC muscles help not only in regaining erections but also in keeping them hard enough for intercourse.  Sometimes the next logical step after regaining your erections is in increasing stamina.

5.     Relationship Problems and E.D.

Treatment for couples who want to tackle E.D. together focuses on communicating with each other and timing your bedroom behavior with your man’s comfort in mind.  Prevention magazine states that the emphasis should be on “pleasure not intercourse.”  The very idea that a man is unable to get hard is going to be stressful on him and affect his performance.  Stop focusing on penetration and instead explore other forms of foreplay.

Tantric sex makes it a point to eliminate penetration and even orgasm as a goal.  The intent is to force lovers (who focus too much on rough and heavy friction sex) to use their imagination and appreciate sensual touch once again.  Eliminating the “goal” of penetration can help you and your partner to increase intimacy by spending more time stimulating other erogenous zones like the neck, arms, legs, and face.

Nipple play and oral sex can be re-introduced later.  By the time you work your way back up to penetration (after multiple sessions of just sensual touching and foreplay), not only are you both eager for penetration, but you are also more attune to each other’s bodies, more closely connected on an emotional level.  You’ve learned so much by making the best of your challenging circumstances.

Along the way back to penetration, you’re also going to learn something very interesting about the human body: ejaculation is not always connected to orgasm.  Though we do “train ourselves” to think of orgasm/ejaculation as one response, in reality, men can orgasm in the brain without ejaculation…or even getting hard.

For instance, erections involve blood flow.  Orgasms involve pleasure signals and muscle spasms.  They are two different processes that you can separate in the very worst cases of E.D.  Remember also that you can use sex toys to stimulate each other’s body.  Foreplay is only limited by your imagination.

Treat erectile dysfunction by focussing on your woman's pleasure

Lastly, when you do reintroduce penetration make it a point to trade positions and experiment with multiple angles.  Some positions are better for longer-lasting erections, and others might be too challenging.  For instance, missionary position is considered a difficult position for E.D. sufferers, but a woman on top has the option to close her legs tightly and add more pressure to the man’s erection.

6.     Drugs – the Final Frontier?

Now for the bad news.  If you try to tackle E.D. treatment on your own, both as an individual and with a partner, but still seem to have the same problem, you might be dealing with a biological condition.  It’s important to get a doctor’s take on it (which may involve another visit to the urologist), so you can rule out major conditions like heart disease, diabetes, prostate cancer, and other serious life-threatening issues.

Once you see a doctor and he officially diagnosis the problem (probably after a urine or blood test) he may prescribe you a PDE5 Inhibitor drug, which includes brand names like Levita, Viagra, Cialis and Stendra.  They all work the same way; by forcing blood flow stimulation by tightening the blood vessels.  Using the component of nitric oxide, this drug allows more blood to become engorged in the penis causing a tighter erection.

According to Men’sHealth.com and Michael Eisenberg, M.D., these drugs can help men who suffer from long-term E.D. or even short-term E.D.  In Eisenberg’s words, “[men] can get their confidence back.”

In addition to stimulating stronger erections, Viagra and its competitors can decrease the time required for refractory period recovery, making a middle aged man feel essentially young again—at least where it counts.

There may also be one more option for the average man who wants to postpone a doctor visit until the “very last resort.”  If you feel that you just need a little “boost” health wise, but you already diet and exercise, then explore herbal options.

It’s not only obesity or aging that causes E.D.low testosterone can cause problems with erections and there are specific herbal products that might help, including L-arginine, horny goat weed, saffron and tribulus terristris, among others.

These herbal supplements work in a different way than Viagra.  For example, Vitamin N stimulates endothelial cells that helps with blood vessel function.  Panax Ginseng increases dopamine levels in the brain while also intensifying pressure in the cavernosal nerves of the penis.  Some herbal supplements like Ginkgo Biloba can even counteract the E.D. effects of antidepressant drugs.  So this is powerful stuff here…

And that should serve as yet another reminder to consult a doctor at some point, if your own treatment methods aren’t working.  A doctor will usually follow your lead if you say you prefer herbal treatment to medication.  All the doc really wants to do is do a physical diagnosis to check for heart disease and the like.

You really have nothing to lose by consulting a professional’s opinion and then reconvening with your partner to discuss the best and least invasive erectile dysfunction treatment.  Remember, P. E. affects a large portion of the male population so it’s not at all “unmanly” to seek help.  It’s going to cause more problems to keep this common problem a dark secret.  Have the self-respect and spouse-respect to explore all available options so you can get your love life back on track.

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