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Attraction in Women: How It Is Triggered and How Men Can Influence Their Own Actions and Behavior to Be More Attractive To Women - Sexual Improvements
March 7, 2016

Attraction in Women: How It Is Triggered and How Men Can Influence Their Own Actions and Behavior to Be More Attractive To Women

how to attract women

You may wonder what the recipe to being successful with women is. You have seen and watched other men finding it easy to attract women. It must have left you wondering what happened to you.

Oftentimes, it has been a regular guy who is not good looking and who is not rich getting all the good women. You must be asking yourself, “What do these people know that I do not know”. What these men know is how to create attraction in a woman.

You have to understand how to trigger attraction. It is something that many men struggle to understand. It is an easy concept that is easily missed. Attraction in women follows a path that studying and using logical thought might not help. A majority of men will read through books and magazines, or think a lot about it but still find no answers.

What they might be spending lots of their energies and time trying to figure out could be right there in front of their eyes all this time. Attraction is simply logical but it often works in unexpected ways that it seems illogical in women. The major piece of advice for men is that they should put aside pre-conceived notions on what should happen when they approach a woman.

One such pre-conceived notion is that how to attract womenattraction in women works the same way as attraction in men. Have you tried to act out as a nice and great guy to women you are trying to woo? Have you discovered that women do not seem to respond as you expected? Right there, you might have appreciated that attraction in women is markedly different. Women will not be attracted to looks and nice personalities like men do. That’s just one example.

The amount of advice out there on attracting women is tremendous. Regrettably, most of the advice misses out on the fact that attraction is majorly an emotional process and is not a physical or social one. There are men who say all the wrong things and still attract a woman whereas there are men who will say all of the right things and do not attract any women at all.

Women are able to see through you. Their concerns are the intention, the motivation, and the authenticity. The trick lies in improving the emotional life which lies in how you feel about yourself and others and how you express yourself to others.

Human psychology tells that people choose who they want to be with based on how they feel around that person. It happens that in men, attraction is quite simple and even straightforward. For example, when a man sees a beautiful woman, it makes him feel aroused and seek to pursue sex with her. On the other hand, if they feel cared for, respected and admired by her, we pursue a relationship with her.

Women experience sexuality differently than men do. It therefore means that it can be complicated and hard for men to decode what fuels attraction in women. However, the principle remains the same. Women will be attracted to men who make them feel a certain way. You must learn how to elicit strong emotion in a woman. The manner in which you go about stimulating that emotion will define the quality and quantity (or lack thereof) of the relationships you will have with women.

What can men do to influence Their Own Actions and Behavior to Be More Attractive to Women?

Women are more attracted to personality traits whereas men are attracted to physical traits. Men will find attraction in the sight of the young and shapely body of a female. The attraction is instant and happens almost instinctively – without any conscious input. The man will not have a choice but will find that they feel a strong attraction to that woman with an ideal shape.

Women are attracted to men with specific qualities and certain personality traits. Looking at it critically, women will be attracted to what that can never be seen. However, this does not imply that fame, power, money, age, looks and height do not play a role in the attraction equation in women. The fact is that they do not weigh this in heavily as is the case with men.

how to be attactive to womenAttraction in women does not follow logical thinking to arrive at the decision. Women often decide dependent on emotions. Thereafter, they will find reasons to rationalize why feel attracted to someone. It may prove advantageous to men trying to find a partner. The man finding a mate can dramatically improve their success in attracting women irrespective of their looks, income or their age.

Men finding it difficult to attract women can learn a thing or two from those men that are successful. You could benefit from observing how they act, how they speak and how they approach women. You will learn more by asking questions about what they believe puts them at a vantage point in their interactions with women. Trying to retrieve information from these successful guys on what they think about women and attraction.

You will be surprised that all these men were able to control the dynamics of attraction. The interactions that they had with women were also well controlled in a way that took into consideration every single thing and left nothing to chance.

The approaches will perhaps be different but what they are able to do was take advantage of the psychology of women to create attraction. The reality is that we are mammals and essentially an animal. Research has shown that humans sleep, eat and organize themselves into relationships just like social animals do. Ethology, the study of animal behavior, has shown that it is the male that chases around females in the animal kingdom. However, it has also been shown that it is the female that chooses a mate. Females are hard wired to be choosy and it associated with getting the best genes and successful adaptation to guarantee survival.

How to create attraction

Likewise, some of these aspects are transcended to how you go about creating attraction in women. Well, you will find success in attraction by:

Starting to do things that instinctively make women to accept your advances

It does also mean that you must stop engaging in things that make women to reject you. The science of attraction calls for you to understand it and to use it to attract women. Some of the behaviors that automatically get you a positive response from a woman are innate whereas others can be learned.

Learn how to communicate that you are selective and you are doing the selecting

This is how to do it. Your words, your voice tone, your actions, your gestures and your body language must indicate that you are the best choice for the woman that you approach. It will help to build the automatic attraction with the woman.

Women tend to be attracted to men who appear to be in control of their life and their life choices and have definitive purpose in their life. It helps to make the woman feel that irresistible attraction. It will not matter what you look like or what kind of car you drive or even the money that you make. Women are hardwired to find attraction in men who have a purpose.

You must keep the woman interested

You have to stay in control all the time and you must keep challenging the woman. Men who are predictable and who constantly share how they feel will only be categorized as friends and not a mate. The woman does not find the attraction in boring men and will soon be gone.

Begin from a position of strength and not weakness

The secret here is that you must begin from a position of strength and not a position of weakness. The mistake many men make when they meet a beautiful woman is that they becomes nervous and appear like a weakling who wants to win her acceptance. Turning this role around will improve your situation with women drastically.

You will keep the woman interested and build attraction by challenging her, by being adventurous and by teasing her time and time again.

Make fun of her if she feels that she is cool, tell her that you could do better when she thinks she is doing well, and argue with her when she thinks she is smart. She should feel that you are the strong man she should have.

Master the art of conversation

The things that you say will play a role in attracting a woman. A woman’s interest will be destroyed if ever you say something that resonates badly with her. She will soon be looking for the exit door.

For example, asking questions such as “Am I your type of guy” or “What kind of guy do you fancy?” within your conversation will kill any chances of kicking off any kind of relationship because you are basically asking her for the ‘favor of liking you’.

However, liking you should not be her favor to give. It should feel to her like a privilege. This can be realized by communicating in a way that tells her you expect her to like you.

The art of conversation implies that you must learn to engage in dialogue that will draw the woman and initiate some form of attraction. Learn how to improve yourself by knowing current affairs and learning how to converse intelligently and humorously.

TIP: Are your unsure about what questions to ask a girl? Read this article first!

Create some level of tension

You must have heard of never letting the line go slack. You should spark some sexual tension and some chemistry in the woman you have approached. You must keep the tension up and should not stop even when the hints indicate that she is interested.

Adopt non-needy behaviors

Men who are successful with women show a lack of neediness. Neediness is an indication of being desperate and is a turnoff for women. Some of the most common forms of neediness include:

  • Calling a woman many times in succession because she didn’t call you back
  • Struggling to find a funny line or joke to impress a woman
  • Memorizing routines and lines to use when you meet women

You should realize that you will be rejected and turned down by most women you approach regardless of other things you do. You must appreciate this fact as a way to initiating genuine attraction. The following are behaviors that show a lack of neediness:

  • Expressing your sexual interests and desires openly and honestly
  • Being undaunted of exposing your flaws
  • Being comfortable without trying to be perfect
  • Investing in improving yourself

Be in control

Women will find great attraction in men who make decisions and who take the lead. However, staying in control should be tempered to ensure that you do not appear to be overly controlling.

Phrases such as “I do not know”, “What do you want to do”, and “It is up to you, honey” should be avoided. They indicate a resigning attitude and women are not attracted to men they can control.

Show that you have a life

It will help to indicate to the woman of your interest that you are unique from the many other men who are insecure and boring. You must appear as a fulfilled man whom she would like to know. You should also show her that you will not be losing sleep if she is not interested in you.

You begin feeling great about life if you have both professional, financial, and social success. It will arouse great interest in the woman on what will be happening next in your interaction with her. Attraction will soon start building


With all this information, the verdict is now out there. If you want to be her friend, then become a friend. If you want a lover, then be a lover. Just remember that if she senses you have the ability to fulfill the role of a ‘real man’ because your behavior indicates this, you will stand a good chance with her!

The deeper message or the bigger picture is that men have to learn how to trigger attraction in women and learn what to do to keep building this attraction. Alternatively, men who miss out on the signs of attraction in women, will miss a lot of opportunities to connect with women they’re interested in. Next time you go out, try and pay more attention for signs of female attraction and instead of waiting around for those signs to die out again, try to amplify them with everything you just learned!

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