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Learn how to control your orgasm!

​Let me tell you how you can postpone your orgasm 
within 30 minutes, without effort.

Immediate results

Techniques that help keep you going, as soon as tonight!

Proven by more then 10,000 men!

Proven methods from Mark Meyers, renowed for their efficiency.

Specialized in premature ejaculation

More than 10 years of experience with solving premature ejaculation problems.

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About Mark

About Mark

After I had been confronted with premature ejaculation myself, I started searching for a solution. Now, many years have gone by and with my methods I have helped multiple men to deal with their premature ejaculation and other sexual problems. 

This is crazy! I wish someone had told me about these techniques earlier. Mark's method has helped me to control my ejaculation. I now decide when I want to come.

Ethan C.

Mark has helped me enormously with my problem. I learned how to control my ejaculation, in just a couple of weeks. Finally, sex is no longer embarassing for me!

Jacob M.

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