September 30, 2015

Fighting erectile dysfunction with red ginseng

One of the remedies for erectile dysfunction which caused turbulence over the last few years is the use of red ginseng to overcome this condition.

About 17 % of males over 18 have some kind of problem with getting or maintaining an erection.

In most cases, the only treatments available were chemical mixtures produced by the pharmaceutical industry.

The problem with these treatments is that they often have an adverse effect on health in general. For example Cialis is known to have an influence on the blood pressure, which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease dramatically.

Ginseng has a better reputation, because it is a natural product. But using ginseng to treat erectile dysfunction also has its issues.

The effect of red ginseng on impotence

It still isn’t entirely clear which effects red ginseng has on the body. Different studies have been done over the past 20 years to examine the working of ginseng and its effects on our body. The results always indicate that this varies from person to person.

The amount of ginseng needed for a significant result also differs. What is definitely clear is that ginseng stimulates our body’s blood stream. One theory is that ginseng stimulates the production of red blood cells, which makes the blood contain more oxygen. This encourages better blood flow throughout the body. It is now easy to make the link to the positive effect on erectile dysfunction.

Top sports men and women regularly use high doses of red ginseng to improve their performance. The effects can be measured easily in an individual but not in larger groups of people. But we can still conclude that the use of red ginseng has a healing effect.

This healing effect also has a positive effect on the problems associated with impotence in the form of erectile dysfunction.

Take for example a high blood pressure. If this problem diminishes by taking red ginseng, the blood stream to the penis can improve and impotence can decrease.

Damage to the arteries which supply blood to the penis during an erection can also be limited by the use of ginseng which will cause a more complete erection.

Fighting erectile dysfunction with ginseng

The common advice for treatment is for a short term therapy with high doses of ginseng. The body easily gets used to the substances, which can diminish the effectiveness. Therefore it is important not to take high doses of ginseng for long periods.

Prolonged use of ginseng can have a bad effect on the kidney function. Blood thickens

(more red blood cells), so the kidneys have to work harder to filter and clean the blood.

For a potency increasing cure, it is in the first place important to use the right variety of ginseng.

Quique folium plant

The two most common varieties of ginseng are;quiquefolium-erectile-dysfunction

Panax quinquefolium and panax ginseng.

The panax ginseng is what we need in this case.

The second important fact to watch when looking for the most effective kind of ginseng to treat erectile dysfunction is the age of the dried ginseng root.

Panax ginseng

panax ginseng erectile dysfunctionGinseng should have dried for a minimum of 3 years to be effective. Older ginseng roots are more potent, but a lot more expensive. I would advise to choose 3 to 4 year old ginseng for a good price/quality ratio.

The red ginseng is available in different forms: The most effective form is the ground ginseng, because this contains the complete ginseng root and all its active ingredients.

Ginseng is also available as a concentrate, but during the fabrication process part of the active ingredients gets lost.

Ginseng powder capsules are easy to swallow and are available in most good health food shops.

Effects on the body other than on erectile dysfunction

You can experience other strong effects of ginseng apart from its positive effect on erectile dysfunction.

As previously said, this varies with every person, but in nearly all case the other effects are positive.

For example: Faster recovery after illness, higher energy levels in daily life, higher stamina in men, increased sex drive in women.

Improved moist production by mucous membranes. Some men have experienced improved vision.

Increased metabolism can cause weight loss; if a higher percentage of fat is burned to create energy it will decrease the pressure on organs and blood vessels, this can the also create a better blood flow in the penis and thus have a positive effect on a man’s potency.

Risks of taking ginseng to treat erectile dysfunction

There are several possible causes of erectile dysfunction. It often occurs in men at a later age and the most common cause is a bad blood flow due to a high cholesterol level in the blood, which causes blockage and consequently an insufficient supply of blood for an erection. In this case, taking high doses of ginseng can have the wrong effect.

Sometimes ginseng can have a blood thickening effect. For someone who’s overweight and with a high cholesterol level, this can worsen the blood flow in the body and it can cause side effects and even potentially dangerous situations like heart congestion.

The ultrathin blood vessels in the kidneys can rupture due to too much pressure, which can cause internal bleeding. So never take ginseng in a larger dose than advised. In the Netherlands it is mandatory to publish this on the packaging.

If you have experience with the use of ginseng to fight impotence or any other condition, or if you have a question, please leave a reaction by filling out the form below.

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